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Eventacular is a Tokyo-based startup company that is developing an online platform to help event organizers sell tickets to their events.

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Office Hours

Monday – Friday 10:00 – 19:00
Saturday – Sunday closed
Public Holidays closed


Yahoo Lodge 17F
Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho
Kioicho 1-3, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo, Japan

About Us

Welcome to Eventacular!

Eventacular is a startup founded in Tokyo in October 2015 with the mission to be a leading global player in the event space. Eventacular’s primary goal is to make it easier for event organizers to find an audience for their events.

The Problem: It is very hard for event organizers to sell tickets to their events.

The Incumbents: The current online event sites are not adequately addressing this problem.

Our Solution: We are focused on creating an advanced online platform which will solve this problem for event organizers.

Our Team: We have 3 founding members, with experience in product development, online marketing, event organizing, software engineering, and business strategy.


We are Hiring

Software Engineering Intern

You will be responsible for working on both server backend and client frontend systems. Ideally, you will have had some previous web programming experience.

Knowledge of Javascript frontend development, HTTP web service API development, Docker, the Elixir/Erlang/OTP ecosystem, and Git are a plus.

Since you will be pair-programming with a native English speaker, conversational English skills are required.

The number of working hours is flexible, depending on your availability to work on-site.

Position Details

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Product (Growth) Marketing Intern

You will be responsible for devising digital advertising strategies, growth marketing, social media marketing, and video marketing at Eventacular.

Native Japanese for writing marketing content and conversational English language skills for everyday communication with coworkers at Eventacular are required. A strong interest in product and growth marketing are essential in this exceptionally interesting role.

Marketing experience is not required. Full training will be provided.

The number of working hours is flexible, depending on your availability to work on-site. 

Position Details

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Marketing & Communications Intern

Your responsibilities at Eventacular will include PR, press release writing, media relations, event organizer liaison, and some translation work (English to Japanese).

Native Japanese and fluent English language skills are required for this role.

Some marketing or related experience would be a plus, but is not a requirement. This ia a role which requires a lot of self-initiative and energy.

The number of working hours is flexible, depending on your availability to work on-site. 

Position Details

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Our Team

Team Details

Tom Bowden (CEO)

Tom manages the product design, marketing, and business-related aspects of Eventacular.

Previously, as Managing Partner of Mirai LLP in Tokyo, he managed the development of over one hundred iOS apps since 2008, many of which were featured by Apple. Mirai’s apps continue to be popular in the educational app category, with over two million downloads to date.

Before that, Tom was a recruiter within the financial industry in Tokyo, and a proprietary trader for an investment bank in London. Tom holds a Bachelors degree in Economics, and a Masters degree in Mathematical Trading & Finance from the Cass Business School in London and is now a permanent resident of Japan.

Matt Gillingham (CTO)

Matt manages software engineering and all technical matters at Eventacular.

Matthew is a full-stack engineer who has been developing iOS apps for nine years. Previously, he was on the team that developed ‘Sekai Camera’, one of the very first augmented reality applications ever released, which was Apple Japan’s Best App of 2009 and the top downloaded app in Japan at the time. He has also worked on platform development at GREE.

Matthew holds two Bachelors degrees in Computer Science and History from the University of Delaware, and also a Masters in Global Studies from Sophia University in Tokyo. Matthew has been living in Japan for over ten years. In addition, he has been the event organizer of the popular monthly Tokyo iOS Meetup for seven years.

Yuji Akaba (CSO)

Yuji advises on business strategy and matters relating to event organization at Eventacular.

As an advocate for entrepreneurship in Japan, Yuji is often invited to speak on the topic in industry conferences and seminars. He also assists the Japanese Government in developing policies and action programs to foster high-technology start-ups in Japan.

Before 2000, he was a partner at McKinsey & Company, spending 14 years in developing strategies and introducing new systems and organizations to leading companies in Korea, Japan, China and Indonesia. He spearheaded McKinsey's practice in Korea from 1990, leading the successful development of its Seoul office which grew beyond 120 staff in less than 10 years. Prior to McKinsey, Yuji worked as a design engineer at Komatsu.

Yuji holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tokyo, and both an MS and BA in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.

Our Values

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